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FRECo Film

We have made a short film outlining our community solar offer, with testimonials from Frome Medical Practice and Frome Town Football Club.

FRECo’s First Solar Projects

In May 2015 FRECo raised £280,000 through community shares in just four days. This investment has been used to install 150kw of solar on the roof of Frome Medical Practice and to part-fund and install 50kw of solar on Frome Town Football Club’s new solar powered community stand. You can see how much they are…


FRECo is a small but important step towards a secure energy future for Frome. We enable the local community to invest in clean, renewable energy through community shares. We are a not for profit, democratic organisation; any surplus from our renewable generation projects is reinvested in a community fund to support energy saving. By owning shares in FRECo, you have a say in deciding what we do next- one member, one vote. FRECo was founded through Sustainable Frome and we are working in partnership with Bath and West Community Energy.

FRECo completed its first two projects at Frome Medical Practice and Frome Football Club in 2016. To find out more about these projects watch our video here.

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